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> I just upgraded from fc11 to fc12.  With fc12 comes PA 0.9.21.
> Pulseaudio fails to detect any of my audio cards, I have two cards.
> I'm positive the problem is with UDEV.  When I boot the system, 
> I'm getting a cryptic message from udev about some {ATTR ... uvent} 

Plase provide a longer output. Are you sure this is related ot PA?

> file not found.  I'm having trouble getting the error message to 
> report, it flies off the screen before I can record it.

C-s/C-q is your friend.

> I'm looking for advice on may be how best to debug how udev deals
> with audio cards?  Maybe someone has already seen this issue?

we just enumerate them via udev. The output of "pulseaudio -vvvvv"
should tell you everything.


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