'Twas brillig, and Josu Lazkano at 01/06/10 13:11 did gyre and gimble:
> Thank you for you reply Col, now I have a "beautiful" panel, xD.
> Why is not recommended to use it? I use it to change between my laptop
> speakers and a bluetooth headset.

It's not recommended because it changes settings that apps connect
directly to different servers rather than using the recommended tunnel
approach. In your use case it doesn't matter too much, but the technique
still means that the stream you want to move has to be configured before
it's established rather than moving it "live".

The fallback/default option in pavucontrol works in a similar way (it is
different internally, but the net result to the user is the same).

But using pavucontrol to move live streams is much better. You can move
them back and forth quite happily. PA should remember which apps should
play on which device by default.

> Is there any command line option to change between thoose two devices?

There are command line tools but they are complex to use. pactl is the
primary one.



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