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> As many of the developer are 
> > subscribed to 40+ mailing lists, reading
> the messages and separating out what 
> > you are interested in, verses what
> is irrelevent to you is often tricky. 
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> Thanks for the explanation. I am currently subscribed to 8 lists on this 
> email account, much less than the 40+ you mention. Yet I am a bit weary of 
> setting up an email client and downloading to my PC all these emails, as 
> often I only read the headers.
> I am very happy with Yahoo with respect to reading emails, and I have set up 
> rules so that emails are routed on arrival to different folders according to 
> the list they came from. The problem is that Yahoo, as seen, is not suitable 
> for bottom posting because it messes up indenting. Moreover there is no way 
> to specify that you want a line break at 72 characters, for example.
> I have an account at Hotmail and it is much worse than Yahoo with respect to 
> plain text emails. So my question is if there is a good email website for 
> this purpose. Is gmail any good?
Gmail is pretty good in the sense that it lets you do text-only by
default. However the cursor defaults to the top of the email, which is
okay if you're already in the habit of bottom-posting. The best part of
gmail for ML subscription is the threaded view which is far and away the
best in ANY offline/web-based client. Thunderbird 3's comes close, but
no cigar just yet.

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