On Tue, 2010-06-08 at 17:39 +0300, Jiffa Daniel wrote:
> Hello pulses,
> I would like to create a simple sink filter.
> The filter will receive all the audio output, process it inside and
> send the result
> to the default sink.
> will work only in stereo, 44100 samples. 
> I looked into some of the module sources each lack something I need 
> I tried to mix the module_sine and module_pipe_sink but I failed to
> understand
> each of the function calls made inside...
> I also looked into module_ladspa_sink apart from the complexity I
> couldn't figure out
> where I should do the processing....
> If there is a skeleton module that does just that it would be great, 
> if not can you please give me some direction.
Am not a dev, but wouldn't it be better to implement your filter as a
ladspa plugin and use module_ladspa_sink? You could also hack on
module_ladspa_sink to improve support for non-stereo plugins if your
filter is of that nature.

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