On 06/14/2010 03:41 PM, José Tomás Tocino García wrote:
Hi there,

I'm developing a musical game, and to get the microphone input I've
been using Portaudio, but it's been giving me some errors and I'm
looking for an alternative. Pulseaudio looks great, and I've been
trying to find a "Hello world" example, but I've only found the simple
api's examples, and I'm more interested in using the asynchronous

So far, looking at the reference, I've come to this:
http://codepad.org/dlnLSawK I guess the next step would be to write a
callback function and attach it to the stream using
pa_stream_set_read_callback or something like that, but I'm a little
bit lost.

Any help is appreciated.

You can look at http://git.0pointer.de/?p=pulseaudio.git;a=blob;f=src/utils/pacat.c - it is self-contained and quite complete, but apparently neither minimal nor pedagogical.

It might be simpler and "better" to use the gstreamer API instead.

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