I have recently started using mpd, and I do not "see" it anywhere in my
pulse clients or applications.

$ dpkg -l mpd pulseaudio
ii  mpd              0.15.10-1        Music Player Daemon
ii  pulseaudio       0.9.21-1.2+b1    PulseAudio sound server

Config file snippet (mpd.conf):
audio_output {
        type            "pulse"
        name            "My Pulse Output"
#       server          "remote_server"         # optional
#       sink            "remote_server_sink"    # optional

Music is playing. (trust me ;)

$ pulseaudio --check && echo "pulse is running"
pulse is running

gnome-sound-applet -> right-click -> Sound Preferences -> Applications:

No application is currently playing or recording audio.

$ pactl list | grep mpd || echo "Nothing"

When I try to:
$ paplay some.wav

The volume of mpd is diminished, but not silenced and the wav file does
not play. I hit ^C to get the terminal back. FWIW, paplay shows in the
"Applications" section listed above when I run the command.

Any ideas what I have misconfigured here?

Thanks for the help. Cheers,

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