As the patches that make it possible to build pulse on win32 should
land in master any moment now, I thought it would be a good time to
make the binaries available for download.
This is just a repackaging of the files found at
, for ease of use on Windows.

You can start the daemon with
bin\pulseaudio.exe -vvv -p
\_ABS_PATH_TO_\pulseaudio-1.0dev-1090.4\lib\pulse-1.0\modules -nF
The paths need to be provided, because the compiled in defaults are
meaningless on windows. This means there is still some work to do on
the win32 front.

As there were some inquiries about the binaries on irc a couple of
days ago, its probably a good idea to also mention the new (unstable)
build on the wiki. Is there also a possibility to host the zipfile on
some 'official' pulsed server for download, or should I just host them
myself, just like Cendia does for the old 0.9.6 binaries? I don't
think you can upload files to the wiki.

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