#626: Some nvidia hdmis now supports more than 2 channels
 Reporter:  howl    |       Owner:  lennart          
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 Not sure if this must go here or to alsa.

 In kernel 2.6.31-rc1 tag a patch to support 8 channels hdmi found on some
 "recent" nvidia gpus was merged.

 I have been messing arround with pulseaudio 0.9.16 and when using
 autodetection the hdmi is shown as stereo only, also specifying 8 channels
 default in pulseaudio config. This is shown in the first screenshot.

 When setting manually alsa-source module with hdmi:0 then pulseaudio shows
 the 8 channels but with a wrong mapping. This is shown in the second
 screenshot. Setting 10 channels default in the pulseaudio config the
 correct mapping is shown, Front left, front right, Rear left, Rear right,
 Center and LFE.

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