#626: Some nvidia hdmis now supports more than 2 channels
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Comment(by lennart):

 For analog, ALSA provides device strings like "surround51:xx" which can be
 used to imply a very specific channel order. However, there is only one
 "hdmi:xxxx" device string which does not imply any channel order. HDMI on
 the hw level is very flexible in the selection of channel maps.  For every
 number of channels it supports a number of different number of maps --
 which is negotiated between the PC and the hdmi receiver.

 If we'd add a 'default' mapping for multichannel here then this might work
 for you, but won't work people with dfferent hardware.

 To support this properly we need to wait until ALSA introduces a proper
 channel map negotiation API, or at least hdmi device strings that imply a
 channel order (i.e. 'hdmi-surround51:xxxx' or something like that. But it
 doesn't do that right now.

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