#929: PulseAudio - OpenSuse 11.4 - KDE 4.6
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 I followed the rules described here:[[BR]]
 and here:[[BR]]

 I find the status shown in this screenshot:[[BR]]

 But I don't find anywhere on my HD the autostart files mentioned
 "This generally implies that Phonon has been compiled correctly with
 PulseAudio support but that the KDE-specific support module for PulseAudio
 has not been loaded. This module (called module-device-manager) can be
 started manually by running the script "start-pulseaudio-kde" which should
 be shipped with PulseAudio since 0.9.21. This file is launched on startup
 via an XDG compliant .desktop file (/etc/xdg/autostart/pulseaudio-
 kde.desktop). "

 '''Practical problem behind:'''[[BR]]
 I cannot select the correct microphone for Skype.[[BR]]
 Skype only shows "PulseAudio server (local)"[[BR]]
 But pavucontrol shows the correct microphone being selected.[[BR]]

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