Issue #18013 has been updated by Luis Mayorga.

class ps3{
                file{ 'ps3':
                                name => 'C:\Temp\WMF30.msu',
                                ensure => present,
                                source => 'puppet:///puppetfs/WMF30.msu'
                exec { 'ps3':
                                command => 'C:\Windows\System32\wusa.exe 
C:\Temp\WMF30.msu /quiet /norestart /log C:\Temp\Poweshellv3.htm',
                                require => [File["ps3"],Class["netfx45"]]
Feature #18013: Support for Microsoft .msu packages

Author: Luis Mayorga
Status: Accepted
Priority: Normal
Target version: 
Affected Puppet version: 
Keywords: windows


I had to download a .msu package to include Powershell 3.0 on my Windows 7 
Machine. Is there any support with Puppet using the Package Resource Type?

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