Issue #16651 has been updated by Josh Cooper.

Andrew Parker wrote:
> There is a bug (#15165) filed against cloud provisioner to fix the `--tags` 
> option. Changing from an error to a warning might be a good change though, so 
> that we don't continually hit this.

Yep, all settings are automagically exposed as command line arguments. So just 
creating a new setting could potentially break a face, and you'd have no way of 

> I just don't know what kind of unintended consequences there are for allowing 
> a subcommand override a setting. Does it even parse correctly? Where does the 
> value show up?

I **think** the option is parsed and applied to the global settings. Of course, 
it may have completely different semantics (single vs multi-valued), validation 
hook may fail, etc. Really I would expect that global options be specified 
between `puppet` and the `application` name, e.g. `puppet --tags global node 
--tags face`, effectively creating separate namespaces, but I don't think 
puppet works that way...

Bug #16651: Installing the cloud provisioner module breaks the node subcommand

Author: Jeff McCune
Status: Accepted
Priority: Normal
Category: Faces
Target version: 3.0.x
Affected Puppet version: 3.0.0
Keywords: faces node face subcommand cloud_provisioner

# Overview

In Puppet 3.0.0, installing the official `puppetlabs-cloud_provisioner` module 
from the forge breaks the `puppet node` subcommand.

# Expected behavior

Installing the cloud_provisioner module should not breaking any existing 
functionality of Puppet core.

# Actual Behavior

root@pe-centos6:~# puppet help node
Error: Could not autoload puppet/face/node/classify: no such file to load -- 
Error: Could not load help for the face node.
Please check the error logs for more information.

Detail: "Could not autoload puppet/face/node/classify: no such file to load -- 

Error: Try 'puppet help help help' for usage

# Steps to reproduce

 1. Install Puppet 3.0.0 from official release RPM's on CentOS 6.3: `yum 
install --enablerepo=puppetlabs-devel puppet puppet-server`
 1. Install the cloud provisoner module: `puppet module install 

At this point, the node subcommand shows up as having errors in `puppet help`.  
 `puppet help node` is totally broken as well.

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