The Puppet Development Kit team is excited to introduce a new RFC-based
open-source planning and design process for the PDK project!

While many changes to the PDK, including bug fixes and documentation
improvements can be implemented and reviewed via the normal GitHub pull
request workflow, some changes are more substantial.

Today, we are committing to putting these more substantial features through
an “in the open” design process prior to implementation work starting. This
new design process is similar to the internal process that we had been
using, with the primary difference being that the whole PDK community will
be able to participate in the new process.

We welcome and encourage feedback from all members of the PDK community,
whether you just started using Puppet and PDK last week or have been
working with Puppet for years. A diversity of perspectives and experience
levels will help make PDK better for everyone.

You can learn more about our new RFC process as well as review recently
introduced proposals from the PDK team in the new “pdk-planning” Github
repository located at


-- The PDK Team

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