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> Sent: Friday, 16 September, 2016 19:10:23
> Subject: [Puppet Users] notify resource different between 3 and 4?

> While trying to figure out the reduce function with notice/notify I happened
> across this thing. It looks like an unquoted array in the notify resource's
> message only appears as its first array item. Not sure if it's a bug.
> I couldn't find any documentation to say if this was intended and I couldn't
> really tell what the type was doing with the self.should bit. I am not 
> actually
> a programmer.
> $ cat /tmp/xx.pp
> $array = ["one", "two", "three"]
> notify { 'notify one':
>  message => "${array}",
> }
> notify { 'notify two':
>  message => $array,
> }

yes this is across all resource types, you cant pass a array to the namevar and 
produce many resources, you have to do so to the title

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