I agree one CA is more than capable and the load balancing point here is 
pretty much moot.  I as well will have many nodes dispersed world wide 
within DC's and with Hosting providers, like AWS and DO.  Having a flexible 
and simple setup which can operate independent of other sites is a 
requirement.  We will be building and tearing down nodes frequently so 
having zero downtime with the provisioning and CM services is also a 
requirement here.   Aside from the simple puppetserver / ca config the 
haproxy setup i'm running is very straight forward.  With the shared 
certificate I can call all masters with the same name and the puppet web 
server points to the correct cert.  

I honestly haven't encountered the problem everyone says exists with 
active/active CA's.

A CA's job is to sign new certificates.  When a node is toredown the cert 
will be wiped at all CA's so in the event the hostname is reused there 
shouldn't be a problem.  

Where does the problem arise with serial number conflicts?  How can i 
reproduce this issue?

Also is the traffic from your haproxy to the masters not using ssl? 

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