On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 9:15:58 AM UTC-5, Rob Nelson wrote:
> I've worked with saz in the past and believe he would be very receptive to 
> PRs that address this issue, as well, if RG or anyone else wanted to 
> contribute them. That would be one of the better solutions to the problem.
> Rob Nelson
> rnel...@gmail.com <javascript:>
> I think I've given you a pretty good handle on the nature of the problem, 
>> and I'm inclined to think that a solution that addresses the problem at its 
>> root will take care of the whole suite of issues.
Lots and lots of thanks to jcbollinger.
Here is what I have done as a result of this thread:

Submitted an issue with saz-rsyslog:
Duplicate Declaration Class[Rsyslog] with The Foreman as ENC during catalog 
compilation #237

Posted a follow-up question to a related thread on The Foreman mail list to 
determine if The Foreman also may be exhibiting a bug, or if the issue may 
be my configuration:
Duplicate declaration error.
(my post is waiting for approval as of 22:00 GMT 10/14/2016)

My current thought at this time is two points:
1. saz-rsyslog is written in such a way that declaring a subclass before 
the parent class causes duplicate declaration errors - but I am told the 
module inheritance should be addressed, and would resolve this issue.
2. The Foreman, under undetermined circumstances (maybe my 
misconfiguration), will randomly declare parent classes and subclass out of 
order - but I am told this is not an issue with puppet modules that use 
inheritance correctly - thus there might be an underlying bug with The 
Foreman because this error will not appear under modules' expected 

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