Some things to keep in mind for successful ENC scripts...

First, on the agent, run:

# facter fqdn

This is the node name that will be reported to the puppet master 
(equivalent to 'hostname -f').  If it doesn't match expectations, fix that 
first-- preferably via DNS, but /etc/hosts is a valid solution if necessary.

Other thing(s) to make sure of with your ENC code:

  * don't output any text that isn't YAML
  * don't return any exit code other than 0, unless you want your puppet 
runs to halt on ENC error
  * Don't use tabs when generating your yaml.  ;)

That means any debug text needs to go to stderr (or a log file), and you 
need exception handlers for everything.

And in the "probably obvious" category, I construct one large data 
structure in memory containing all the output I want in my YAML, and then 
dump that structure via a YAML library, rather than trying to format the 
output myself.

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