We have an issue with virtual resources. Usual during puppet applying 
inside puppetdb appears additional node record which leads to puppet 
duplicate error

Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: 
A duplicate resource was found while collecting exported resources, with 
the type and title Exec[check context8 ctxtmongod-shard8-1.aws:31008] on 
node ctxtmongod-shard8-1.aws

There are two records inside puppetdb which appears right after first 
puppet agent applying

[puppet3 ~]$ curl -s0 -X GET 
  "name" : "ctxtmongod-shard8-1.aws",
  "deactivated" : null,
  "catalog_timestamp" : "2017-01-13T12:09:30.779Z",
  "facts_timestamp" : "2017-01-13T12:10:33.106Z",
  "report_timestamp" : "2017-01-13T12:10:14.489Z"

[puppet3 ~]$ curl -s0 -X GET 
  "name" : "ctxtmongod-shard8-1.aws.example.net",
  "deactivated" : null,
  "catalog_timestamp" : "2016-03-01T13:56:15.086Z",
  "facts_timestamp" : "2017-01-13T12:10:51.026Z",
  "report_timestamp" : null

If we deactivate this records inside puppetdb then they will appear after 
second applying (ctxtmongod-shard8-1.aws after first and 
after second)
puppet applying can run only in first time after deactivation both puppetdb 

Puppet version is 3.8.7. But we had few major updates

May be somebody knows what is happening


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