I want to do dot based fact queries in PQL, basic example:

   inventory[certname] {facts.os.distro.release.major = "7"}

Great, no problems so far that works, but I cannot figure out how to say
!= "7"

in the fact endpoint I can do:

   facts {name = "%s" and !(value = "%s")}

However this does not support the dot notation so thats not useful here.

The AST docs[1] says there is and, or and not but I cant figure out how
to use it there, the error messages various attempts give me are:

   inventory[certname] {facts.os.distro.release.major not "7"
   Expected one of:

   is not null
   is null

This rather makes me think a basic not isn't supported here? But the old
AST docs[1] suggests it should be, so I am guessing some support is
missing in PQL here?

I'd also like to be able to do > etc on string values, which I think the
AST based queries also support?


R.I.Pienaar / www.devco.net / @ripienaar

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