Does anyone know the best way to handle an upgrade of postgresql that is 
being used as the backend of PuppetDB?  I've got some PuppetDB 4.2 
instances talking to Postgresql 9.4.7 and want to do a minor upgrade to 
9.4.15.  I've already tested the procedure using a cloned Postgresql 
instance, and it only takes 10 minutes (this is on AWS using RDS by the 

My thought is that PuppetDB will automatically recover after Postgresql 
comes back, but I'm not sure, as I can't find any documentation anywhere 
about this scenario.

I could also simply shutdown the PuppetDB while the Postgresql upgrade is 
happening, but not sure if that would be necessary.  I seem to remember 
reading somewhere that PuppetDB will queue up any reports/facts and such 
that come in while the backend is down, but I've not been able to dig up 
any docs that say that, so I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly or not.

Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this scenario?



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