i was recently bitten by ordering issues caused by missing contain/anchor 
declarations in a PostgreSQL module which should have finished its job before 
configuring and starting the PuppetDB which is done by another module.
So here are my questions:
- is it possible to use the contain function also for defined resource 
types/defines? I ended up using anchors since i could not find out how to use 
contain here.
- am i the only one thinking that it is too error-prone and cumbersome to add a 
contain everytime a sub-class is instantiated in a module? Since it is not 
transitive it has to be added on every abstraction layer of a module, from the 
init.pp down to all sub-classes until there are just classes left declaring 
resources directly. And in case one contain is missing, that code may be 
executed in the wrong time.


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