Has anyone recently used mod 'shoneslab-winad', '0.1.2'
We have added it our puppet puppetfile then created a manifest and applied 
it to a node however it isnt working.

When and agent run is completed the following error occurs.
Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 500 on SERVER: 
Server Error: Evaluation Error: Error while e
valuating a Resource Statement, Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a 
Resource Statement, Could not autoload puppet
/type/winad_features: Could not autoload 
puppet/provider/winad_features/powershell: no such file to load -- 
powershell at 
on node atest.com

The manifest has
          winad_features { 'net_framework_core':
              ensure      => present,

I have tried this for winad_group, as well as winad_features as shown above.

Any help to troubleshoot and get this working would be really appreciated.

The module is on the forge https://forge.puppet.com/shoneslab/winad/readme

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