Hi folks.

I'm currently working on a profile that setup Apache in a specific environment
where I need to add a requirement on its systemd unit.

I was wondering how to notify the Apache service defined in ::apache::service
knowing it's supposed to be a private class.

Here is a code snippet:

class profile::apache {
  include ::apache

  ::systemd::dropin_file { 'apache requirements.conf':
    unit     => 'apache2.service',
    filename => 'requirements.conf',
    source   => 'puppet:///modules/profile/apache/systemd-requirements.conf',
    # What shoud I do here:
    #notify   => Class['::apache'],
    #notify   => Class['::apache::service'],

Both ways work but the first one (refreshing the whole apache module) may lead
to some exec resources being run even if they shouldn't.

Is there some kind of best practice here?

Johan Fleury
PGP Key ID : 0x5D404386805E56E6

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