On Monday, April 16, 2018 at 8:45:18 AM UTC-5, Trevor Vaughan wrote:
> Hey John,
> We've tested it all the way through a running Puppet 5 from upstream at 
> this point.
> Feedback is most welcome!
> Trevor
Hey Trevor,

simp/simplib looks like it has a lot of useful tools and features, and 
clearly it can teach me some things I didn't know.  Thanks again for that.

It's a lot more than I want at the moment, however.  I may well come back 
to it, but for the moment I just appropriated your approach to accessing 
the current run's settings (I didn't even take the whole fact).  I can 
confirm that it indeed does work with Puppet 5.4.0 / Facter 3, so it is 
precisely what I was looking for.



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