On Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 4:51:08 PM UTC-5, Andrew Grimberg wrote:
> I know some folks think this is heresy, but I personally dislike 
> defining each node in the default manifest. 
> I think it's better to drive as much data as possible from hiera as 
> possible, as such I do it more like this. I define a node definition 
> that does a hiera lookup to determine what role to apply and drive it 
> from there. 

Who thinks that approach heretical?  It's perfectly valid.  In fact, some 
people take it a step further and do much the same without any node blocks 
at all.  That would constitute one of the situational exceptions I 
mentioned to putting code at top scope in the site manifest.  Others do 
similar, with or without node blocks, by using an ENC to declare each 
node's role class.

This has been a thing for years.  I like it and recommend it, especially 
for building out new sites.


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