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Hi Dan,

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Is there any current documentation about how to create user resources
with an ldap provider ?

Let me be a bit more specific on this question. I am looking for the
setup details to allow Puppet to get the user information from ldap. I
am guessing this is a “read-only” thing and that the user must exist in
ldap before Puppet can use it.

Hi Dan,

Surprised by this idea and curious about your use case. Puppet is better
for modeling resources on a system as opposed to data in an external
database, which is what users are in LDAP. Normally you would use Puppet
to manage local users as well as the setup necessary for nsswitch,
sssd/nscd and pam so the system can resolve users and groups from LDAP.

Best regards,

Garrett Honeycutt
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Hi, Garret

The use case is simple.
Centralized credentials in LDAP.
Minimal local accounts other than system and service users and a non-root admin 
login with sudo permissions as an emergency back door.

We also have lots of appliances, applications, and network devices that can use 
LDAP or RADIUS for authentication. I found multiple references for a FreeRADIUS 
service with the credentials in LDAP.

I see the PE documentation about connecting to an external directory service, 
but it looks like that is only for PE console users and not for Puppet managed 
node user accounts.

Yes. PE external directory refers to PE console logins only.

If I set up the system as you describe with sssd/nsswitch/pam for users defined in 
LDAP, can I then just create appropriate user resources with “provider => ldap” 
and expect the login to be created on the node server ? Or is it like with FreeIPA 
where you just log in with the LDAP credentials and your home directory is created 
the first time ?

You can use the provider ldap to manage users in ldap:

"This provider requires that you have valid values for all of the LDAP-related 
settings in puppet.conf, including ldapbase. You will almost definitely need settings for 
ldapuser and ldappassword in order for your clients to write to LDAP."

I would try to use that config on a single system with write access to your 
ldap master.

Any other system should just be configured to make use of pam_ldap/sssd using a 
module from puppet forge:
e.g. https://forge.puppet.com/sgnl05/sssd


?? Write to LDAP ??  What would it be writing ?  Like I said above: 
I am guessing this is a “read-only” thing and that the user must exist in ldap 
before Puppet can use it.

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