> I think this is the normal behavior of pstate, as they are a lower limit.
> But for virtualisation, I think it's really bad to have changing frequency.
> (clock problem for example).

What is the suggestion - disbale the pstate driver? I think that would increase
power consumption?
> Also for corosync, that mean that a loaded node will have faster frequency,
> and non-loaded node low frequency.
> This can give us reload corosync.conf after removing a node., because low
> frequency take more time to get the corosync message than the fastest node
> https://www.hastexo.com/resources/hints-and-kinks/whats-totem-retransmit-list-all-about-corosync/

Really? You observed retransmits because of different CPU frequency. I think
retransmits need
much larger speed differences, for example caused by high load (as opposed to
idle nodes).

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