> On September 20, 2016 at 10:45 AM Alexandre DERUMIER <aderum...@odiso.com>
> wrote:
> >>I guess we need more. For example, we can exactly identify
> >>a VM/CT/Storage/Network by prefixing it with the cluster name:
> >>
> >>cluster1/vm/100
> >>cluster2/ct/100
> >>cluster1/storage/local
> >>cluster2/network/vmbr
> >>
> >>But we need a way to tell if resources are considered 
> >>to be equal (cluster wide).
> >>
> >>An easy way to to do that would be to assign UUIDs to VMs, CTs, 
> >>storages and networks?
> yes, could be the solution. I think openstack/xenserver already doing this.
> The vm disks also need to be unique. (they use vmid, so if vmid is unique it's
> ok)

But shared storage between different clusters is a problem, because our
locking mechanism only works inside a cluster. So there must be a single
cluster which does all allocation for a specific storage??

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