On 2016-10-14 11:13, Andreas Steinel wrote:
Hi Mir,

On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 8:02 AM, Michael Rasmussen <m...@datanom.net> wrote:
I use virio-scsi-single exclusively because of the hough performance
gain in comparison to virtio-scsi so I can concur to that.

I just benchmarked it in on a full-SSD-ZFS system of mine and got reverse
I used 4 cores, 512 MB-RAM (fio 2.1.11, qd32, direct, libaio) and this

Test                  | sequential 8K | randread 4K | randrw 4K 50/50
virtio-scsi           |           53k |         57k |             11k
virtio-scsi-single    |           35k |         41k |             11k
virtio-scsi IO/Thread |           29k |         43k |             11k
virtio-scsi-single IO |           29k |         44k |             11k

So, what was your test environment? How big was the difference?

Are you running your ZFS pool on the proxmox node?
My benchmarks were made using ZFS over iSCSI.

Michael Rasmussen

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