With Proxmox 3 / OpenVZ, it was possible to see the name of the template
file that was originally used to create the container, from

It seems that the LXC conf file lacks this feature.  I haven't found
anywhere in Proxmox 4 which retains the name of the original template for
LXC nodes.  If such a thing exists, I'd be glad to know where to find it.

This is of interest because we want to be able to re-create an LXC
container based on its configuration file, and then bring the container up
to spec by running Ansible against it.  We are planning for disaster
recovery scenarios where it is not feasible to restore whole containers
from vzdumps.

We could keep track of the template used separately, but it would be
simpler all around if that information were stored in the LXC conf file.

Is there any reason why the LXC conf file should not retain the name of the
original template file?  I am prepared to submit a patch for this, if that
would be acceptable.

Thanks for your time,
Brendan Jurd
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