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Dietmar Maurer <diet...@proxmox.com> wrote:

> > Backported targetcli-fb (binary and source) included dependencies can
> > get downloaded here:
> > http://ftp.datanom.net/pve/targetcli-fb-backports.tgz  
> What did you change exactly?
> The changelogs just mentions:
> * Rebuild for jessie-backports.
I did not have to change anything unless build dependencies for Jessie
versions instead of stretch versions.

> Something else changed?
No, it was an easy and clean backport.

> And did you already run some tests? Does it work without problems?
I have done some preliminary tests. Mostly does it start without errors
and warnings. Thorough tests are required in pve test but play some
with it before uploading it to pve test. I will do some further tests
later today.

Michael Rasmussen

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