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since the last start
 attempt with `pct start`, you need to run `pct start` at least once to also
 update the configuration used by `lxc-start`.
+If you have a cluster, you can migrate your Containers with
+ pct migrate <vmid> <target>
+This works as long as your Container is offline. If it has local volumes or
+mountpoints defined, the migration will copy the content over the network to
+the target host if there is the same storage defined.
+If you want to migrate online Containers, the only way is to use
+restart migration. This can be initiated with the -restart flag and the 
+-timeout parameter.
+A restart migration will shut down the Container and kill it after the 
+timeout (the default is 180 seconds). Then it will migrate the Container
+like an offline migration and when finished, it starts the Container on the
+target node.

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