Am 02/19/2018 um 01:07 PM schrieb Geert Stappers:
Fabian wrote:
Stappers wrote:
Got a clean build of package pve-qemu-kvm by
   git clone git://
   cd pve-qemu
   # satisfy build depends

Now looking for where the non-x86 architectures were disabled.

I couldn't it in debian/patches, the subgitrepostory mirror_qemu looks complete 
to me.

Clues welcome      ;-)
it's in the packaging directly - see debian/rules
(although such questions might be better asked on pve-devel,
  where they are not as easily overlooked ;))
Short version of debian/rules from pve-qemu

     make install $DESTDIR
     rm $DESTDIR/some/files
During `rm $DESTDIR/some/files` are no files like qemu-system-aarch64 deleted.

" $ find qemu.tmp/debian/pve-qemu-kvm  | grep bin/qemu-system
" qemu.tmp/debian/pve-qemu-kvm/usr/bin/qemu-system-i386
" qemu.tmp/debian/pve-qemu-kvm/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64

There I would expect seeing qemu-system-aarch64

What is needed to build pve-qemu containing qemu-system-aarch64?

We only built the architecture of the current host system:;a=blob;f=debian/rules;h=9396228865e4478bde22fa43aeefa868a0d11cb3;hb=HEAD#l40

Add your additional wished targets there.


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