On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 05:06:33PM +0200, Alexandre Derumier wrote:
> Now that proxmox 5.0 is launched, maybe can we try to target cloudinit for 
> 5.1 ?

We'd like to move forward with this. I rebased this patch set again
(available at https://github.com/Blub/pve-qemu-server cloudinit branch).

There are a few final steps before we can merge this:
 - Since the patch set contains a bunch of fixup-style commits we'd like
   to squash them to create a more easy-to-read (and easier-to-bisect)
   @Alexandre: Since some of our changes fixup & build upon each other's
   previous patches I'd propose using a 'Co-developed-by' tag in the
   commit message for when squashing fixups of one person into another's
   commit, would that be okay with you?

 - I'm really not a fan of using qemu-nbd here, particularly because in
   my latest tests its been shown to require some additional fsync-work
   (see my latest patch on github inserting a `dd conv=fsync` pipe...).
   There are two options: Since the images are really tiny, we could
   create temporary files in /run for now, and convert those, or, since
   I'm building qemu with a patch for `dd` to accept data from stdin,
   the only thing missing for that to be usable is to make it not return
   an error if the input is too short.

 - The config-drive format has a few issues. For one, I couldn't use it
   in a VM without forcing its network interface name to match the
   config drive's (`eth0`) (and then it completely ignored my DNS
   I wonder if we should switch to the NoCloud variant which seems to
   allow matching by mac address (as well as driver or name)?

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