Before I start, I love proxmox.  This is a great product, and I use it

I have some bash scripts that need to be converted into api calls. I'm
hoping that someone would help me get started.  I'm happy to do the work.

qm is missing some features:
qm migrate <vmid>  --online                     # this should pull the vm
to the current host
qm migrate <vmid> $(hostname) --online

qm list --all                                                  # this
should show all vm's and node names.

qm stop <vmid>                                         # this should stop
the vm on the remote node
qm start <vmid>                                         # this should start
the vm on the remote node

The how and why:
I use vm's for regression testing.  I rebuild the vm's from image before
each test.  I need to stop the vm before I reimage. When they start, they
put a load on the network and the host.  It helps to keep the vm's balanced
across the cluster.
I used shell scripts to walk the /etc/pve/nodes tree and find of move the
vm.  Stopping the vm and moving the vm to the correct node feels like a
task for qm

Thank you for your time,

Nicholas A. Schembri
Pittsburgh pa

Thank you for your time,

Nicholas A. Schembri
337 Brookside blvd.
Pittsburgh pa 15241
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