On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 02:12:25PM +0100, Thomas Lamprecht wrote:
> This series started with the goal to make the debian/postinst file
> readable again and tries to cleanup stuff I found during trying that.

while were at it, it might make sense to reindent the maintainer scripts

> I shallowly discussed some of those changes with Fabian already off
> list but as this is (yet another) change to a fundamental stuff
> from me, it obviously needs another good look.

see feedback on some the individual patches. except for the very last
one, it's just a collection of nits ;)

> Further, I did not yet tested this in the installer environment.
> The main change there is that I do not skip systemd stuff in in this
> environment, this mirrors the behavior of other packages.

I think if we need it we can throw in an early exit for the installer
environment, but let's wait for test results when rebuilding the ISO the
next time.

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