On 3/10/18 12:49 PM, Gandalf Corvotempesta wrote:
> Il 10/03/2018 10:28, Thomas Lamprecht ha scritto:
>> It's in the qemu-server git repository, the importdisk
>> command is in the qm CLI helper (PVE/CLI/qm.pm) and
>> uses mostly the PVE::QemuServer::ImportDisk module
>> (PVE/QemuServer/ImportDisk.pm)
>> gitweb link to them:
>> https://git.proxmox.com/?p=qemu-server.git;a=blob;f=PVE/CLI/qm.pm;h=3347612556bc3689abd783540bb9ea2d1cffeaba;hb=HEAD#l418
>> https://git.proxmox.com/?p=qemu-server.git;a=blob;f=PVE/QemuServer/ImportDisk.pm;h=db7db6343c4c0af67a094b695d0c9e329ff80ab8;hb=HEAD#l1
> Thanks
>> If you want to skip import phase, which is, AFAIK, pretty
>> much 90% this command does, maybe just write a simple CLI
>> command your self doing the data import with your scripts
>> and then just add the disk to the config with and helper of
>> ours, just as an idea...
> It's what I'm trying to do.
> As I'm outputting a raw image from XenServer, probably, I can
> directly write the raw image to a zfs block volume, right ?

Yes, using the PVE stack you would do something like:

my $storecfg = PVE::Storage::config();

# storage_id == the ID of the destination storage, e.g. you ZFS pool. 
$dst_format is 'raw' but could be also qcow2, etc.
# $src_size is the size of the zo import disk (transformed to KB here)
my $destination_volid = PVE::Storage::vdisk_alloc($storecfg, $storage_id, 
$vmid, $dst_format, undef, $src_size / 1024);

# get destination path
my $dst_path = PVE::Storage::path($storecfg, $dst_volid);

PVE::Storage::activate_volumes($storecfg, [$dst_volid])

# Then write to it, your case DD or also qemu-img convert
# dd ...

PVE::Storage::deactivate_volumes($storecfg, [$dst_volid]);

# add disk to vm
PVE::QemuConfig->lock_config($vmid, sub {
    PVE::QemuConfig->add_unused_volume($vm_conf, $dst_volid);
    PVE::QemuConfig->write_config($vmid, $vm_conf);
# done

But, looking at the importdisk code adding an additional case where
source equals '-' with a then needed source_size parameter wouldn't
be too hard, and would do exactly what you need in a general way and
probably useful for a few others.

Basically you then could do:

./import-from-xen.sh | qm importdisk 102 - zfsstore --source_size $[512*1024]

If you need this then it would be really great if you could contribute it to
our whole great community :)
(my backlog on work is just to big to add this on tmy TODO at the moment, sorry)


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