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On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 9:45 AM, Fabian Grünbichler
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> On Tue, Apr 03, 2018 at 08:45:59PM +0200, Andreas Steinel wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> are you (Proxmox staff) actively testing encrypted ZFS or are you
>> waiting for the upstream "activation"?
> if you are talking about upstream's native encryption, then AFAIK none
> of us are testing that (yet). it's not part of any ZoL release (only the
> development branch), and it has shown in the past few months that not
> including it in 0.7 was the right choice for sure (1 issue requiring a
> backwards incompatible on-disk format change, several that completely
> broke send/recv in certain scenarios).

I just learned that it was part of 0.7.0 and the ArchWiki explains its usage:

I did not find any flag to enable it in the current source, so you're
right. It's
there in GIT, yet not merged with the release itself. That was my impression
before reading in the Wiki as well.

> it will most likely be part of 0.8, and if that gets cut in time for PVE
> 6 we will surely take a closer look again when we start preparing for
> that.

Looking forward to it. Hopefully, other features from illumos will also be
part of 0.8 like vdev shrinkage etc.

> do you have specific use cases in mind?

You mean besides fulfilling GDPR?

> Grub does not currently support the ZoL encryption, and I am not sure if
> and when it will get support. that means it would probably not work out
> of the box for the root dataset (unless we switch to a completely
> different boot approach, which does not seem very likely at the moment).
> it is per dataset though, so encrypting the guest datasets should be
> possible without much hassle.

Yes, that'll going to be hard. LUKS is better at this with preboot
authentication and stuff like that.

> (I do use ZoL on top of LUKS as / on a few systems without any problems,
> but it requires manually bootstrapping the system and a bit of fiddling
> to get all the parts to play nice with eachother ;))

Yes, I'm using ZFS on top of LUKS already, yet an "internal" solution could
be better. The workflow as described in the ArchLinux Wiki is not that easy
in practise as someone would want. It is basically the same as LUKS,
which is proven to work marvelously.

With kind regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen

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