Also, ceph server side, the new io_uring seem exciting too :)

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On 3/25/20 11:17 AM, Alexandre DERUMIER wrote: 
> I'm pretty excited by the new write-around cache policy for librbd && io 
> scheduler:) 
> (better than writeback, no read latency impact :) 

Better for high perf. write workloads: 
> Writes return immediately under both the write-around and write-back 
> policies, 
> unless there are more than rbd cache max dirty unwritten bytes to the storage 
> cluster. The write-around policy differs from the write-back policy in that 
> it 
> does not attempt to service read requests from the cache, unlike the 
> write-back 
> policy, and is therefore faster for high performance write workloads. Under 
> the 
> write-through policy, writes return only when the data is on disk on all 
> replicas, but reads may come from the cache. 

Not sure if all workloads benefit from that. 

> librbd now uses a write-around cache policy be default, 
> replacing the previous write-back cache policy default. 
> This cache policy allows librbd to immediately complete 
> write IOs while they are still in-flight to the OSDs. 
> Subsequent flush requests will ensure all in-flight 
> write IOs are completed prior to completing. The 
> librbd cache policy can be controlled via a new 
> “rbd_cache_policy” configuration option. 
> librbd now includes a simple IO scheduler which attempts to 
> batch together multiple IOs against the same backing RBD 
> data block object. The librbd IO scheduler policy can be 
> controlled via a new “rbd_io_scheduler” configuration 
> option. 

Let's see how much this brings in performance :) 

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