Soft-mounting NFS introduces the *possibility* of accidental (and silent) data 
loss in corner cases, however.  There's a lot of strident "soft-mounting is 
dangerous!" rhetoric on the net, it is a reasonable option in many cases as 
long as you understand the corner cases where data loss can occur silently and 
either mitigate them or deliberately accept the risk in exchange for the 
benefits of soft-mounting.

Personally, I use "soft,intr" in almost all cases, but that's because I'm 
willing to accept the possibility of silent data loss if my NFS server goes 
down moments before my PVE servers.  (Note that silent data loss in a QCOW2 
file could also mean the QCOW2 file becomes corrupt and unusable... the same 
applies to VMDK, but should theoretically not be a problem with RAW.) 


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> > When NFS hangs you practically need to get hostage negotiators in to
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> If you soft mount NFS its a lot better.
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