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> Soft-mounting NFS introduces the *possibility* of accidental (and silent) 
> data loss in corner cases, however.  There's a lot of strident "soft-mounting 
> is dangerous!" rhetoric on the net, it is a reasonable option in many cases 
> as long as you understand the corner cases where data loss can occur silently 
> and either mitigate them or deliberately accept the risk in exchange for the 
> benefits of soft-mounting.
> Personally, I use "soft,intr" in almost all cases, but that's because I'm 
> willing to accept the possibility of silent data loss if my NFS server goes 
> down moments before my PVE servers.  (Note that silent data loss in a QCOW2 
> file could also mean the QCOW2 file becomes corrupt and unusable... the same 
> applies to VMDK, but should theoretically not be a problem with RAW.) 

There's some guidelines about NFS for proxmox? I'm using an NFS-mounted
dir for backups, and the ''nfs server'' are on one of the three node
(3jane), where i've in /etc/exports:

        /srv/pve        tessier(rw,async,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check) 

Mount options are:

        root@3jane:~# grep 3jane /etc/mtab 
        3jane:/srv/pve /mnt/pve/Backup nfs 
 0 0

And, supposing for the 'bootstrap' problem (the node are trying to
unmount a FS that was mounted by the server itself, and the NFS server
is just stooped ;), rebooting node 3jane is a bit problematic. ;-)

I've set:

        options vers=3,soft,intr

on /etc/pve/storage.cfg, but there's some optimal/preferred/useful nfs
export options also?


PS: backup is only a scratch space, all data then get transferred to

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