hi bastian,

thanks for your hint..."NX" flag of CPU was disabled via BIOS on node 3.

problem solved, thanks for support!

best regards
Thomas Naumann

On 10/12/2016 11:37 AM, Bastian Sebode wrote:
Hello Thomas,

I would guess you just forgot to enable AMD-V (Hardwarevirtualisation)
on your third node. That's why the KVM64-CPU doesn't work on this node
but on the other two and with CPU set to host Hardwarevirtualisation is
not needed because everything happens in the software.

Best Regards

Am 12.10.2016 um 11:32 schrieb Thomas Naumann:
hi at all,

cluster-setup is:

- 3 nodes / proxmox 4.3-1/e7cdc165

- CPU on all nodes is 8x Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2356 (2 sockets)

- RAM: node 1 = 16 GB RAM, node 2 and 3 = 32 GB

- storage for VMs = DRBD (drbd-utils version 8.9.8-1, drbdmanage version


if processor type of a KVM-based VM is set to "KVM64" (default) online
migration of VM is only possible between node 1 and 2 and vice versa.
online migration is impossible from 1 to 3 and from 2 to 3. trying
online migration from 1 to 3 or from 2 to 3 stops with following error

"task started by HA resource agent
Oct 10 13:59:17 starting migration of VM 100 to node '3'
Oct 10 13:59:17 copying disk images
Oct 10 13:59:18 starting VM 100 on remote node '3'
Oct 10 13:59:25 start failed: command '/usr/bin/kvm -id 100 -chardev
'socket,id=qmp,path=/var/run/qemu-server/100.qmp,server,nowait' -mon
'chardev=qmp,mode=control' -pidfile /var/run/qemu-server/100.pid
-daemonize -smbios 'type=1,uuid=f702c987-cb8f-4f39-ab62-cc3952b73811'
-name OPN -smp '2,sockets=1,cores=2,maxcpus=2' -nodefaults -boot
-vga qxl -vnc unix:/var/run/qemu-server/100.vnc,x509,password -cpu
qemu64,+kvm_pv_unhalt,+kvm_pv_eoi,enforce -m 2048 -object
'memory-backend-ram,id=ram-node0,size=2048M' -numa
'node,nodeid=0,cpus=0-1,memdev=ram-node0' -k de -device
'pci-bridge,id=pci.2,chassis_nr=2,bus=pci.0,addr=0x1f' -device
'pci-bridge,id=pci.1,chassis_nr=1,bus=pci.0,addr=0x1e' -device
'piix3-usb-uhci,id=uhci,bus=pci.0,addr=0x1.0x2' -spice
-device 'virtio-serial,id=spice,bus=pci.0,addr=0x9' -chardev
'spicevmc,id=vdagent,name=vdagent' -device
'virtserialport,chardev=vdagent,name=com.redhat.spice.0' -device
'virtio-balloon-pci,id=balloon0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x3' -iscsi
'initiator-name=iqn.1993-08.org.debian:01:4f3adc7457e0' -drive
'if=none,id=drive-ide2,media=cdrom,aio=threads' -device
'ide-cd,bus=ide.1,unit=0,drive=drive-ide2,id=ide2,bootindex=200' -drive
-machine 'type=pc-i440fx-2.6' -incoming
unix:/run/qemu-server/100.migrate -S' failed: exit code 1
Oct 10 13:59:25 ERROR: online migrate failure - command '/usr/bin/ssh -o
'BatchMode=yes' root@ qm start 100 --skiplock --migratedfrom 2
--stateuri unix --machine pc-i440fx-2.6' failed: exit code 255
Oct 10 13:59:25 aborting phase 2 - cleanup resources
Oct 10 13:59:25 migrate_cancel
Oct 10 13:59:27 ERROR: migration finished with problems (duration 00:00:10)
TASK ERROR: migration problems"

if VM is shutdown offline migration between all 3 nodes is working.
trying to start VM on node 3 fails with following error message:

"warning: host doesn't support requested feature:
CPUID.80000001H:EDX.nx|xd [bit 20]
kvm: Host doesn't support requested features"

if processor type of a KVM-based VM is set to "host" online migration
between all three nodes is working fine and as expected.

Does anyone know whats the reason for this behavior and how to resolve?

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