It would be nice to have a unified view with all nodes ressources.
I was thinknig of doing this with an external metric server (graphite/grafana.)

Imho it is not relevant to aggregate ressources of the whole cluster, because 
there is no mechanism of load balancing.
So you could have for ex : some nodes almost full of RAM, and other nodes half 

For now i workaround the problem always creating a new VM on the node with 
fewer number of VM, and add it to HA.
But it's not ideal, because the number of vm have nothing to do with how much 
RAM is consumed...


Le 17/10/2016 à 17:09, Kevin Lemonnier a écrit :

do you mean the resources from each node?

No, I mean for the cluster. Would be great to have those values
(cpu, ram, maybe IO ..) for the whole cluster monitored, I think.
Monitoring each node individually is nice, but that doesn't tell
you that you are almost out of ram on the cluster for example,
you could still be adding VMs automatically without realising
the other nodes are full.

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