> Imho it is not relevant to aggregate ressources of the whole cluster, because 
> there is no mechanism of load balancing.
> So you could have for ex : some nodes almost full of RAM, and other nodes 
> half empty..
> For now i workaround the problem always creating a new VM on the node with 
> fewer number of VM, and add it to HA.
> But it's not ideal, because the number of vm have nothing to do with how much 
> RAM is consumed...

Yes, something like VMWare's DRS would be great to have. For now I "load 
balance" by hand when I get a load alert
on a host, or when a client complains that the VM is slow. I was thinking of 
automating that through the API,
I already have an external tool to manage routing the IPs depending on where 
the VM is running, guess it'd be
easy enough to query the ram or CPU and try to move VMs, but that'd require 
some heavy testing that I don't have
the time for right now.
It's on my todo though, as long as Proxmox doesn't come up with something 
similar in the meantime.

Kevin Lemonnier
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