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El 02/02/18 a las 12:34, Martin Maurer escribió:
Kai Zimmer <zim...@bbaw.de> hat am 2. Februar 2018 um 12:26 geschrieben:
This is a very important message for all users of Proxmox. Is there any
announcement on the lists for it?
This kernel is already quite old and you should install always latest packages 
anyway. So no, there is no extra information besides the well known sources 
about each single bugfix.
Don't know what you consider "quite old", but our servers were last updated on 15th january 2018. I really thought that we were on bleeding edge versions... :-)

Also, it doesn't seem reasonable to think that users will be checking dayly? for kernel updates and installing them *and rebooting* the server... :)


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