I have some difficulties on a Ryzen 5 2400G node. I switched recently to new 
version 6 with no problems except performances on that machine. The new kernel 
was suppose to have a better support but it actually is worse. Putting a quad 
port Intel 82571EB card on the PCI-Express 16x port is probably the orrigin of 
my troubles.

When IOMMU is activated I have very bad performances on the network card, and 
the server reboot after a few days unexpectingly.

When I put IOMMU in software mode, no unexpected reboot anymore but bed 
performances remain.

It turns Ceph extremely slow and it complain permanently with clock skew. NTP 
have extreme difficulties to do its job, both on hosted virtual machines and 
the host itself.

I read a lot about such troubles now fixed on video cards. But I dont think the 
network card scenario have been treated by kernel developpers. Is there any 
workaround for my situation?

Geoffray Levasseur
Technicien UPS - UMR CNRS 5566 / LEGOS - Service Informatique
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