that may explain some weirdness i observed yesterday:

i added a bridge, rebooted server and after that the management ip
adress was gone - i had a look into the configuration file for
networking to see

that netmask had been converted into <server

after removing the whitespace and reboot network was ok again.

Am 04.04.20 um 13:02 schrieb Amin Vakil:

I have installed the latest Proxmox VE 6.1-2 and when modifying? network
information from web, the prefix (netmask) is slashed off from old
interface config irrespective of whether I specify CIDR or not. And
then, I cannot create cluster from web GUI with link0 address in
dropdown if IP address has prefix (/cidr). I had to create it from CLI.
I faced this problem two weeks ago and ended up configuring it from ssh
as well.

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