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On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 8:58 PM, Leandro Roggerone <lean...@tecnetmza.com.ar> 

> Hi guys , Im running windows server 2012.
> After doing process described here:
> http://www.kieranlane.com/2013/09/18/resetting-administrator-password-windows-2012/
> for password recovery, I need to send windows + u combination.
> How can I do it from NOVNC ?
> windows keys is executed on my pc when I press it.

Open the menu (the little triangle) on the side of the noVNC window (usually on 
the left).
Click topmost button (labeled [A]), which opens another menu that allows you to 
press" the Ctrl, Alt, Windows, Tab, Escape or Ctrl+Alt+Del keys, respectively.
Press the third button from the top to "virtually hold the Windows key", then 
press the U-key
on the keyboard. Remember to "unpress" the Windows key in the menu to release 

> Any idea would be appreciated.
> Leanro.
Hope this helps, Arjen

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