Hi Marc,

not sure how to accomplish that on a VM level.
However, you could create a pool for each user and only grant them the
appropriate permission.
Then, they can clone the VM into that pool, which would only be visible
to them.

Hope that helps!

On 07.05.20 17:38, Marc Ientilucci via pve-user wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to have individual users who can clone VMs.  These cloned VMs
> should only show up for user who cloned it and not anyone else.  Is there
> any way to do this without having to go in and add NoAccess rules to a new
> VM every time?
> User 1 would only see VMs created and cloned by user 1, nothing from user
> 2.
> User 2 would only see VMs created and cloned by user 2, nothing from user
> 1.
> Thanks!

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