On 5/22/20 4:03 PM, Frank Thommen wrote:
> Dear all,
> having worked with oVirt in the past there are some features that I am really 
> missing in PVE in my daily work:
> a) a tabular overview over all virtual machines. This should/might also 
> include some performance data and the description.  See the attached partial 
> screenshot from oVirt, where this is implemented quite nicely. This is /not/ 
> to replace proper monitoring but to provide a quick overview over the 
> PVE-based intrastructure

Isn't this what Datacenter -> Search could be? Note that the list drops any 

> a1) the possibility to provide the virtual machines and containers with a 
> short, one-line description

Why not use the VM/CT notes? Editable over VM/CT -> Summary panel?

> b) the possibility to use keywords from the Notes field or the description 
> (see a1 above) in the search box.  Our hosts are all named 
> <unit>-vm<vm_number> which forces us to keep a separate list for the mapping 
> of services to hostnames

Dominik has done some patches adding "tags", which then would be searchable.
Some backend support is there, but we had some discussion about how to integrate
them in the frontend. I think this will be picked up soonish and should provide
what you seek in b) maybe also a1..


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